Need space but don’t know where to start? Let our Tenant Representation specialists help.

An experienced commercial real estate agent is an invaluable partner during your search and leasing process. Our team spends every day in the market and can accurately share trends, up to date rental comps, and new data points that assist business owners in making the right decision.

That includes information like vehicle traffic counts, area demographics, rent savings, tenant improvement & construction allowance, as well as access to off market and unadvertised available space across asset types.

Our agents are trained to uncover your current needs, tour you through potential spaces, help you avoid pitfalls, and negotiate on your behalf with the landlord. This service is at no cost to you and paid for by the landlord of the property.

Every tenant and space is unique, but our standards of world class customer service remains the same no matter the size of your business or budget. That means our agents will perform a Customer Needs Analysis to uncover your needs and future plans, Present and Tour you through potential properties, Negotiate On Your Behalf with the landlord, and assist you until your lease is signed. Our fees are covered by the landlord which means we only get paid when the deal is done.

Tenant Representation is a service our licensed commercial real estate agents provide and is paid for by a the landlord of a commercial building, not the tenant. The fee is determined by the property owner and can vary depending on deal size, location, or other factors. We treat our clients with a high degree of integrity, so if you are ever curious, just ask your agent.

Varying factors can affect your property tour schedule. Some may find their perfect space after touring only one time, others may have a wide selection of properties that suit their needs which could take longer. Typically, we uncover specific needs like timeline, budget, special uses, etc. during the Customer Needs Analysis which helps your tenant rep agent set appropriate tour schedules and deadlines for your business. 

Easy to find online services like Google, LoopNet, Craigslist, etc. can be a great starting place to locate a commercial space. However, our team of agents utilize an incredibly powerful suite of proprietary tools to locate leasing options including buildings that are not advertised online, some that are available at a later date, and others are offering tenant incentives. We don’t discourage our clients from shopping on their own. We collaborate to find the perfect solution for your specific business needs while adding valuable expertise in the search and leasing process. We’re working together the entire process.

Your total monthly rental budget can be difficult to predict due to many variables. Your business will need to factor in all additional costs including, employees, equipment, marketing, etc. However, our team has experience assisting hundreds of tenants and businesses of all sizes in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and across Texas and can accurately present comparative rents for properties and industries to assist in your calculation. We provide insights that help you reach the best decision as quickly as possible.

Businesses change frequently, and we are no stranger to situations where tenants will need to rapidly grow their space or decrease their square footage requirement. Our team performs a Customer Needs Analysis even for tenants that have existing leases. We are a solutions oriented company and that means we’re focused on helping you find the correct solution including: subleasing your space, sale leaseback of your property, and negotiating with your landlord. Let us know 



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